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Industrial Safety Review – February 2017

Women Contribution in ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ Ms. Kavita Nigam, GM – HR, Publicity & Promotions, Karam Industries https://issuu.com/divyamediapublications/docs/industrial-safety-review_1702

Industrial Safety Review – January 2017

Hochiki : The masters of fire detection Mr. Rohit Harjani, Country Manager, India Sub Continent, Hochiki Europe (UK) Ltd. – India Branch Office https://issuu.com/divyamediapublications/docs/industrial-safety-review_1701

Industrial Safety Review – December 2016

MX MDR: Cognitive heritage of excellence - Mr. Dipesh Panjwani, Director, MX MDR Technologies Ltd. https://issuu.com/divyamediapublications/docs/industrial-safety-review_1612

Industrial Safety Review – October 2016

Euro Security: Innovation at its best - Mr. Varun Budhiraja, Director, Euro Safety Footwear (India) Pvt. Ltd. https://issuu.com/divyamediapublications/docs/industrial-safety-review_1610

Industrial Safety Review – September 2016

Sparsh: Bharat ka Apna CCTV Brand - Mr. Sanjeev Sehgal, Managing Director, Sparsh https://issuu.com/divyamediapublications/docs/industrial-safety-review_1609

Industrial Safety Review – February 2016

United Fire Equipments: The legacy of excellence - Mr. Amit Bhardwaj, CEO, United Fire Equipment Pvt. Ltd. https://issuu.com/divyamediapublications/docs/industrial-safety-review_1602

Industrial Safety Review – January 2016

United Manufacturing Co. : Expanding the horizon - Mr. Gurpreet Singh, Managing Partner, United Manufacturing Company https://issuu.com/divyamediapublications/docs/industrial-safety-review_1601

Industrial Safety Review – December 2015

HIKVISION: TECHNOLOGY LEADERSHIP in surveillance arena - Mr. Ashish P. Dhakan, Managing Director & CEO, Prama Hikvision India Pvt Ltd. https://issuu.com/divyamediapublications/docs/industrial-safety-review_1512

Industrial Safety Review – November 2015

Aditya: The brand with innate perfection - Mr. Aditya Khemka, CEO & Director, Aditya Infotech Ltd. https://issuu.com/divyamediapublications/docs/industrial-safety-review_1511

Industrial Safety Review – October 2015

Aktion Safety : The synergy of quality & service - Mr. Kamal Mittal, CEO, Aktion Safety Solutions Pvt. Ltd. https://issuu.com/divyamediapublications/docs/industrial-safety-review_1510

Industrial Safety Review – September 2015

Nohmi India : Global leadership through technology innovation - Mr. T.Takahira - M.D., with Mr.Ajit Raghavan - Joint M.D. Nohmi Bosai India https://issuu.com/divyamediapublications/docs/industrial-safety-review_sept_15

Industrial Safety Review – August 2015

Sparsh : Eminent Leadership in video surveillance arena - Mr. Sanjeev Sehgal, Managing Director, Sparsh https://issuu.com/divyamediapublications/docs/industrial-safety-review_august_15

Industrial Safety Review – July 2015

Alko Plus: The zest for quality & technology excellence - Mr. Manish Garg, Director, Alko Plus Technosafe Pvt. Ltd. https://issuu.com/divyamediapublications/docs/industrial-safety-review_july_15

Industrial Safety Review – June 2015

An ADVANTAGE of technology leadership - Mr. Pramod Verma, Managing Director, Vantage Integrated Security Solutions (P.) Ltd. https://issuu.com/divyamediapublications/docs/industrial-safety-review_june_15

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