Cylinder Less Automatic Fire Detection & Suppression System, ASKA Equipments

Cylinder Less Automatic Fire Detection & Suppression System

The system consists of a heat sensitive BlazeCut Tube made of special plastic which is closed by a stainless steel fitting on each end....
Horizonta Split Case Pump

Horizontal Split Case Pump

Horizontal split case pump useful for high flow water pumping. Horizontal split case pump ideally suitable for industrial community water pumping, lift irrigation, Fire...
Fire Hose Reel

Fire Hose Reel

Features • Side plates made of high quality mild steel, powder painted finish red • Waterways made from none ferrous metals (aluminum alloy) which ensures corrosion...

Thermoplastic Fire Hoses

Material : Made up of high quality virgin Thermoplastic Compound. Reinforcement : High pressure Nylon Yarn. Bend Radius : Can work at a radius of 5...
NFPA-Compliant Firefighting Cameras

NFPA-Compliant Firefighting Cameras

Thermal imaging cameras (TIC) have found their way in the toolkits and trucks of firefighting teams around the world. But with the several different...

Condensed Aerosol Fire Suppression System

Typical fire extinguishing systems found in commercial and industrial locations include sprinklers, carbon dioxide, clean agent, and dry/wet chemical agents. Another fire extinguishing technology...
FLIR C2 pocket-sized thermal camera

FLIR C2 pocket-sized thermal camera

FLIR C2 is world’s first full featured, pocket-sized thermal camera for beginners. FLIR C2 camera gives flawless results in electrical and mechanical applications to...
High temperature ranges in TICs: common pitfalls

High temperature ranges in TICs: common pitfalls

Firefighters sometimes have to face extreme temperatures while on the job. Luckily, they can rely on thermal imaging cameras (TIC) to find victims faster...
Water Mist Fire Suppression Mechanism

Water Mist System Test & Guidelines

The term ‘Water Mist’ refers to fine water sprays in which 99% of the volume of the spray is in drops with diameters less...

EPP: Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) piping system

EPP is the first Indian company to get API 15 LR certification for GRE pipes. EPP can manufacture 30 KM GRE pipe per month...
EPP - FRP Ladder

FRP Ladder

EPP’s FRP Ladder are Suitable for electrical sensitive environments, our range of FRP ladder is non conductive and made with non slip quartz grit...
EPP - FRP Fire Extinguisher Boxes

FRP Fire Extinguisher Boxes

Product Description: FRP Fire Extinguisher Boxes are in wide demand in every sector, be it residential, commercial or industrial. The use of fiber reinforced plastic...

EN54 Part 13: Does Your Fire System Measure Up?

New infographic from Advanced helps ensure system performance and integrity EN54 Part 13 is a real indicator of fire system performance but is widely misunderstood...

Chemical Safety – An Overview

The control of risk from the use of harmful substance is as much a matter for effective management as any other aspect of industrial...

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