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Industrial Safety October 2012
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CP PLUS introduces Ultra-Powerful 650TVL cameras brings elegance and technical capabilities in compact way


CP PLUS GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Germany and a worldwide leader in electronic surveillance security products, proudly unveils the new portfolio of 650TVL cameras at IFSEC 2012 from 1st to 3rd November (Hall No 1, Booth No C1+E1+B11+C11+D11) at Greater Noida. The 650TVL series includes CP-GAC-DC65 (Dome Camera), CP-GAC-DC65L2, CP-GAC-DC65L3 (IR Dome Camera), CP-GAC-DC65VBL4 (Vari-Focal IR Dome Camera), CP-GAC-TC65L2, CP-GAC-TC65L4, CP-GAC-TC65L6 (IR Bullet Camera) and CP-GAC-TC65VBL5 (Vari-Focal IR Bullet Camera).

The premium HQIS series enables 650TV lines to capture higher quality picture, accurate colors even in low light and deliver the crystal clear images of any scene, with no jagged edges, even when observing fast moving objects. The cameras provide true day/night functionality that includes an IR filter that automatically switches to night mode in low light conditions.

The complete range under new CP PLUS 650TVL cameras comes with elegant housing and compact size that are best suited for any application such as prisons, parking garages, schools, financial institutions and hospitals and are ideal for installations requiring secure CCTV monitoring.

The CP PLUS 650TVL cameras are equipped with power safe technology to protect from voltage spikes, attempting to regulate the voltage supplied to an electric device by either blocking or by shorting to ground voltages above a safe threshold.

Under 650TVL cameras, the IR dome cameras (CP-GAC-DC65L2, CP-GAC-DC65L3) contains IR range of 20 Mtrs and 30 Mtrs respectively, however the IR Bullet cameras (CP-GAC-TC65L2, CP-GAC-TC65L4, CP-GAC-TC65L6) are shipped with ultra-powerful in-built IR cut filter enabling to monitor up to 40 meter range in the darkest condition.

The new offering from CP PLUS is equipped to capture sharp images without any distortion and screen ghosting while capturing footages.

CP Plus DC65VBL4 650TVL CP Plus GAC-TC65L 650TVL CP Plus TC65VBL5 650TVL

Availability of CP PLUS 650TVL cameras:-
The complete range of CP PLUS 650TVL cameras is manufactured after rigorous Research & Development by the CP PLUS TeknoLogix Labs, with the highest quality yardstick. The products are available across all branches of Aditya Infotech Ltd and dealers.

In India, Aditya Infotech Ltd. is an exclusive distributor partner of CP PLUS GMBH & Co. KG, Germany for their brand CP PLUS. AIL has been aggressively distributing and marketing entire range of CP PLUS surveillance Cameras, Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), VDP and allied accessories in India. Aditya Infotech Ltd (AIL) is a leader in introducing video security and surveillance brands in India and has an expertise in designing solutions on the basis of the needs.

Technical Specifications of CP PLUS 650TVL cameras:-

  • 1/3" High Quality Image Sensor
  • 650 TVL High Resolution Camera
  • 0.1 lux @ F1.2
  • IR Range of 20M with 24pcsφ5mm IR LEDs (CP-GAC-DC65L2)
  • IR Range of 30M with 30 pcs IR LEDs (CP-GAC-DC65L3)
  • IR Range of 40M (CP-GAC-DC65VBL4, CP-GAC-TC65L4)
  • IR Range of 20M with 24pcs 5mm IR LEDs (CP-GAC-TC65L2)
  • IR Range of 60M (CP-GAC-TC65L6)
  • IR Range of 50M with 48 pcs IR LEDs (CP-GAC-TC65VBL5)
  • 2.8-12mm Varifocal Lens (CP-GAC-TC65VBL5)
  • 3.6 mm Fixed Lens (CP-GAC-TC65L2)
  • 3.6 mm Fixed Lens (CP-GAC-DC65, CP-GAC-DC65L2, CP-GAC-DC65L3)
  • 2.8-12mm Vari-focal Lens (CP-GAC-DC65VBL4)
  • 6 mm Lens (CP-GAC-TC65L4)
  • 16 mm Lens (CP-GAC-TC65L6)
  • AGC, AWB and BLC
  • CE, FCC and RoHS Certified
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