Ador helps contain air pollution in cement plants


Ador helps contain air pollution  in cement plantsAmbuja Cements Ltd., a part of the global conglomerate Lafarge Holcim, is one of the leading cement companies in India while being the largest cement plant chain in the world. The company strongly believes in environmental sustainability which is one of its core values. Recently, the Clean Air team of Ador Powertron showcased the simple innovation and high performance of the Ador+Redkoh Vedika technology in five different plants including clinker cooler ESPs and CPP ESPs. These are some of the most important plants in India viz. Ambuja Cement Rabariyawas Unit, Maratha Unit, Dariaghat Unit, and Bhatapara Unit (Cooler ESP Line 1 & 2).

Ador reduced their existing emission levels from the plants’ earlier values to the committed (and aspired) values of minimum 25% emission reduction and at the some sits achieved a maximum of 75% emission reduction. This incredible environmental protection victory shows that the performance of the Ador High Frequency Power Supply (HFPS) not only enhances the efficiency of Electro-Static Precipitators in the cement industry but also in the power generation field. Ador was able to prove that the Vedika Solution for high Standard Particulate Matter (SPM) can provide better opacity at lesser investment cost and even far lesser effort than adding extra ESP fields or other electrical / mechanical solutions. More importantly, all of this can be achieved without even asking for a process shutdown.

Vedika gives the end user a pristine air quality experience due to the edge it has, catalyzed by the following ways:

  • A suitable waveform to the TR set in order to minimize the ESP Ripple
  • Increased average voltage to the ESP
  • Increased current flow to the ESP
  • Fast Response Time to events occurring in both the ESP and the Power system
  • Possesses all the benefits of the tried and trusted Transformer Rectifier Design
  • Significantly high-power capacities
  • Improvement in the power factor
  • Reuse of the existing cabling, control rooms and Mechanical TR footprints
  • No duct work modifications
  • Provides a solution rather than a one-fits-all product
  • The electrical energization with High Frequency Power Sources and the same boiler conditions may lead to emission reduction to the tune of 30-50% without any ESP renovation for addition of fields or increase in the height in all of the coal fired power stations in India by utilizing high resistivity and high ash content coal from the Indian mines

Industrial enterprises are today under constant pressure to reduce gaseous and particulate emissions from their processes. The Ador Clean Air team has produced and supplied the largest number of Transformer-Rectifier sets and controls worldwide. Over 20,000 Ador High Voltage Transformer Rectifiers have been installed with the power, cement, steel and paper industries across 74 countries over the last 35 years. Ador Transformers use software designed by Ador and also are able to incorporate OEM management and control software.



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