Benefitsof Modern Surveillance Systems for Retailers


With theft rate stouching the peak, Retail sector is one of the most prone targets.The advancement in technology has resulted in evolved methods of carrying out crimes. In addition to this, outdated security systems leave no legitimate way for retailers to track the events taking place and getting real-time notifications about the same. Under such circumstances, the chances of mishaps like shoplifting expand manifolds. Further, the possibilities of life threatening episodes of smash-and-grab make the retailers as well as the customers vulnerable and put them in immediate danger.

Talking of Video Surveillance systems bring IP Cameras to our attention almost immediately. The fact that cameras are the most vital part of a security strategy is beyond doubt. Therefore, it becomes critical to deploy cameras that are well suited with the customer’s application and gives up to the mark performance. A good IP Camera has a wide field of view, latest compression technology (H.265) to save bandwidth and is able to balance dark and bright areas in an image efficiently (True WDR).

On the brighter side,security strategies are also being enhanced. There are various Intelligent Video Analytics that are now a part of most of the modern Video Surveillance security systems. These analytics can help in:

  • Quick Response to Theft: Securing the infrastructure is very important for a retailer. Therefore, when it comes to the security of infrastructure, retailers worry the most about getting delayed notifications or getting notified after the mishap. Without timely notifications and alerts, the chances of preventing a burglary decrease drastically. Due to this, real-time notifications are crucial. To combat this problem, many Video Surveillance systems, including Matrix solutions, provide real-time notifications through various means like SMS, Emails, Video pop-ups and Calling from Mobile Application. Moreover, remote monitoring is also possible with these systems including, the preparedness for sending remote notifications, like TCP, with bandwidth as low as 5kbps
  • Increasing Profit: Being in the retail industry, retailers can make use of analytics such as Missing Object Detection and Intrusion Alert, which can instantly notify them about events of shoplifting and smash-and-grab respectively. This will quickly sanction remedy actions and limit the loss. Using Crowd Management Module can give retailers a detailed analysis of peak hours, and hence, their deployment of staff to assist better service to customers can be planned accordingly.
  • Improved Management: There are Video Management Software available in the market, like Matrix SATATYA SAMAS, that have features like People Counting for occupancy control. By managing the crowd during peak hours and otherwise, the scope of crime dwindles. Moreover, with analytics such as Loitering, one can keep unusual strings on motion in check around the storehouse. Also, Integration with POS enables systematic outflow of the crowd, for example, increasing the number of cash counters while the rush is high. Retailers must look for a solution that can be integrated with the other systems present in an organization such as Access Control, Boom Barrier, etc. This will give scope to centralized monitoring and encourage simultaneous working of all security systems.

However,there are still some weak areas that technology needs to work on. For example, to make notifications more effective, industries now need an automated system which possess multi-stage verification. This is because many a times a lot of false notification and alerts dampen the efficiency of security personnel. Further, to put the analyticsinto proper use, a retailer must be aware of their industry specific requirements and should know how these analytics can help them in fulfilling the same.

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