Brijbasi Fire Fighting Group : The legacy of excellence

Mr. M.C. Aggarwal, Brijbasi Fire Fighting Group
Mr. M.C. Aggarwal, Brijbasi Fire Fighting Group

Q. Kindly tell us brief history of Brijbasi?

Brijbasi Fire fighting group was established after I came back from USA after finishing my education & training in fire fighting manufacturing firm.After surveying all over the country specially in petrochemical industry, I found a great scope for going into fire fighting & fire protection business. There was not much know how of fire fighting foam system & equipment at that time in India. So I started design, engineering & supply fire fighting foam system & equipments in 1970.

I got my first order in 1970 from ONGC, Ahemdabad for foam trailer fire pump and fixed foam system installation from “Zuari Agro”, a fertilizer firm in Goa. Hence 1970 was the beginning year for the business. After that Brijbasi has always kept looking upward by developing and designing specialised vehicle & systems such as Air Field Crush Tenders, Refinery Foam Tender, DCP Powder Tender, High/ Low Pr Fire Tenders, Rescue Tenders, Turntable Ladder & Hydraulic Platform and so on.

Most of the above equipments were designed & developed for the first time in India. As per the requirement of the customers. Today we have 6000 fire fighting vehicles & more than 100 aerial leather platform of 32- 100 meters height working in all the major fire brigade in the country. In nutshell fire tender & aerial platform of all kind working all over India in state fire services & all types of industry protecting billion worth of assets in India.After so many years of hard work I proudly declare that “Brijbasi Fire” has garnered repute of established brand name in the field of fire tender & disaster management equipments.
“Brijbasi” will be celebrating Golden Jubilee year in 2020.

Q. Any product launched recent past by you?

In past we have introduced all the specialised vehicles as mentioned above and now we are introducing new products such as:

  1. All kind of fire fighting vehicles such as Water Tender, Foam Tender, DCP Tender, Water Browser etc.
  2. All Kind of large refinery foam and DCP tender for petrochemical industry.
  3. High capacity Airfield crash fire tender
  4. 32/34 meter hydraulic platform assembled in India on Indian Chassis
  5. HAZMAT & Rescue van for disaster management
  6. Ultra High pressure fire tenders with water mist technology
  7. 60-120 mtrs hydraulic platform form Boronto Skylift, Finland
  8. “Hytrans Fire System water supply system” for watering and dewatering, from Holland
  9. Pyrolance water piercing system to fight closed fire
  10. Motor Bike Fire Engine for the first time in the world
  11. All kind of Disaster & Rescue equipments such as Hydraulic Rescue Tools, Lifting Bags, Breathing Apparatus & Compressors, Cutting Saws, Gas Cutting System, Thermal Imaging Cameras. Victim Location/ Search Systems, Underwater Diving Gears & Cameras etc.

We always look to upgrade technology for fire and disaster management services.

Q. what scope of fire fighting industry do you see in coming years in India?

Due to rapid industrialisation and urbanisation need for more fire protection & fire fighting system will grow enormously. As per Govt. Of India record our fire service is only 5% what is required hence there is endless scope for the fire industry in India.

Q. Your view on “Make in India” by our PM?

Our Prime Minister is a visionary and has vision for the future for India. Indian economy can progress with sustainability with “Make in India” program. This program is aiming to promote indigenous production with partially imported input. This will boost economy & create job opportunities in the country.

Brijbasi has been supporter of this concept even when it was not formally launched with the indigenous manufacturing of fire tenders in compliance with latest state of art technology. Since 1970 we have been significantly contributing to this.

Q. How much Indi is prepared for combating with big disaster like we just witnessed in Nepal?

We have learnt little bit from our past disasters such as Gujrat earthquake, Uttrakhand Floods and big fires at refineries and other places.

Our government is serious and has formed NDMA, a central with lot of funds and resources. Unfortunately their planning is very poor due to known reasons of bureaucracy in India. They do not take in confidence the entrepreneurs from the private sector that can supply the best equipment and services in the country & also support “Make in India” program by Mr. Modi. Lot can be done with public & private enterprise joining hand together

Q. Any message for the readers?

Readers should be aware that India is growing mass economy. In this growing economy fire, safety and security play important roles. Our population should know about these services to their benefit. We have to make them aware.

I appeal to our readers that always choose best and quality fire safety equipments because the cost of quality product is always cheaper as compared to the life.


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