2MP IR Dome Camera with 3.6mm Lens - matrix

2MP IR Dome Camera with 3.6mm Lens

Matrix Professional Series IP Cameras are built using superior components such as Sony STARVIS sensor and higher MTF lens to offer unmatched image quality...

COSEC VEGA FAX, Matrix Security Solutions

COSEC VEGA FAX is engineered with careful blend of aesthetics, size, connectivity, reliability and ease of use for modern enterprises. It is a perfect...

2MP IP IR Professional Dome Camera

SATATYA MIDR20FL28CWP Matrix project series IP Cameras are built using superior components such as Sony STARVIS sensor and higher MTF lens to offer unmatched image...

Standalone Access Control Solution

Entry/exit within premises is generally a major challenge of an organization’s overall security strategy. Tomanage access of specific zones in a single location requires...

Axis Communications launches extended warranty for its range of network video products

Axis Communications, the market leader in network video, has introduced the AXIS Extended Warranty programme, a service offering for its line of network video...

CP PLUS Launches H.265 Powered Surveillance Solutions and Surveillance Monitors

CP PLUS, the global leader in security and surveillance solutions, recently launched a range of state-of-the-art monitors and H.265 powered IP cameras and NVRs....
Matrix multispectral fingerprint readers


COSEC DOOR FMX is a high-performance multispectral fingerprint based door controller, which boosts security and productivity of modern enterprises. How it Works The advanced multispectral technology...
SATATYA NVR3204X matrix

SATATYA NVR3204X by Matrix

H.265 NVR with 4K Support Matrix NVRs are packed with high end processors to deliver functionalities like high resolution recording, playback, simultaneous local and remote...

When there’s more to infrared than meets the eye.

Fluke RSE300 and RSE600 Fixed-Mount Infrared Cameras easily integrates infrared data, images, and videos to produce more comprehensive research analysis The new RSE300 and RSE600...
ADOR- THIRD-EYE Doordarshan 5km camera

ADOR Third-Eye™ Doordarshan 5km Camera

ADOR THIRD-EYE™ DOORDARSHAN 5KM CAMERA - Laser Heavy-loaded PTZ Features 2KM at night-vision and 5KM at daytime 1 / 2"2.0 MP CMOS Starlight level super...
safety shoes, Euro Safety

Safety Shoes, Euro Safety

Euro Safety's shoes are advanced comfort support for workers who are on their feet all day Uncomfortable safety footwear can lead to serious health issues...
Video Intercom Solution Dahua technology

Video Intercom Solution – Dahua Technology

Presenting the robust Video Door Security Solution from Dahua. A solution which enables next level security starting from your Residential Complex Entrance, Fencing, Individual...
Centralised Video Surveillance, Matrix Security

Centralised Video Surveillance, Matrix Security Solutions

Multi-location enterprises are often under false notion of being secured when they use scattered video surveillance products. Their vulnerability is exposed when the products...

Fire hose, Ascent India

Leading Manufacturer of fire brigade hose, fire extinguisher hose and fire hoses reel from Delhi. Fire Extinguisher Hose Most of the Fire Extinguisher Hose are incomplete...

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