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Lockout / Tagout, Lockout Hasp, Multi purpose Cable Lockout, Valve Lockouts, Cylinder Lockouts, Electrical Lockouts, Circuit Breaker Lockouts, Plug Lockouts, Pin & Sleeve Lockouts, Pneumatic Lockouts, Lockout Padlocks, Padlock Accessories, Lockout Tags, Scaffolding Tags, Lockout Signs, Lockout Posters, Lockout Boxes & Key Cabinatets, Lockout Stations, Lockout Kits, Lockout Accessories, Other Related Products

Company Details

E-Square Alliance Pvt. Ltd. was formed by renowned industrialist Mr. Upendra Gulati & Dr.Nalini Gulati as directors with a team of Professional Engineers, MBA’S & dedicated staff members in 2002 with a vision to make and supply the products and services-which have always been required by the Indian industry, but were not available at that time. It was in 2008, when our efforts were acknowledged by the Indian Institute of Economics-New Delhi and Mr. Upendra was awarded with the ” UDYOG RATNA” award. Besides this our team was also awarded the Excellence award for our efforts and bringing in new technologies and products in India.



512, New Delhi House, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi – 110 001

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