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Ascent India FIRE HOSES

Leading Manufacturer of fire brigade hose, fire extinguisher hose and fire hoses reel from Delhi.

Fire Extinguisher Hose
Most of the Fire Extinguisher Hose are incomplete without a Hose Connector. We offer a broad variety for that keeping in mind the working application of the Fire Extinguisher.
We make the Hose for this application in 3 verities Thermoplastic-PVC, Rubber-TPR and EPDM-TPV

Fire Hoses Reel
Fire Hoses Reel is an integral part of fire fighting equipments installed in any building. The drum requires a durable water hose which serves the purpose when any exigency of fire arise and also serves the dual purpose of general water use in building washing or gardening. We make the Hose for this application in 2 verities Thermoplastic-PVC and Rubber-TPR.

Fire Brigade Hose
Fire Brigade Hose and fire service departments uses a truck mounted fire reservoir and pumping system to fight big fires and that employ various hoses to carry pressurized water to the area under fire. Thus the hose has to tough and strong. We make Hose for Fire Brigades water Hose Reel, that is specially designed to withhold high pressure and heat.

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