FLIR C2 pocket-sized thermal camera


FLIR C2 pocket-sized thermal camera

FLIR C2 is world’s first full featured, pocket-sized thermal camera for beginners. FLIR C2 camera gives flawless results in electrical and mechanical applications to find hidden heat patterns to point out problems.

Problems in electrical and mechanical installations lead to rise in local temperature. If left unchecked, heat can rise to the point where connections start to melt. Further it can result in sparks that might start a fire. Fire leads to huge damage to plant, machinery and even loss of human life which cannot be estimated. Every year 35% of fires are created by electrical failure.

For professionals, engineers and contractors, FLIR C2 helps to analyze electrical installations over a short distance to determine when and where maintenance in needed which becomes hot before they fail. Problems in electrical installations due to improper connections, oxidized socket, internal fuse damage, high resistance connections, corroded connections, load imbalances, internal circuit breaker faults can be detected in early stage to determine the severity of the problem and establish the time frame in which the equipment should be repaired. For larger and high end applications, other wide product range is available.

For service engineers FLIR C2 is very handy tool to carry and test due to compact size, light weight and good resolution. FLIR C2 features FLIR’s MSX real-time image enhancement technology to instantly identify problem locations. High pixel resolution of 4,800 pixels and high sensitivity detector captures and displays thermal pattern.C2 stores radiometric JPEG images in internal memory which can be conveniently analyzed later with FLIR Tools software to create reports.

Other features include built-in LED spotlight to use as a flashlight and for photo illumination, color changing palettes for thermal and visible imagery, fast access buttons. FLIR C2 comes with FLIR’s unique 2-10 years warranty, covering parts and labor for two years and the detector for ten years (once product is registered online within 60 days of purchase).
Light weight, sleek architecture and touchscreen operation make C2 the most convenient and affordable thermal camera available in the market today.

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