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Mr. Johnson Mathew, Vice President - Fire Products, Gunnebo India Private Ltd.
Mr. Johnson Mathew, Vice President – Fire Products, Gunnebo India Private Ltd.

Q. Gunnebo India Ltd. has been operational for long time as leading integrated security solutions provider; please share some of the company’s milestones & achievements?

The Gunnebo brand has an industrial heritage going back 250 years to south-east Sweden. Today Gunnebo has sales companies in 33 countries with over 5,700 employees and 12 production units across the geographies viz; Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific and representation through Channel Partners in a further 100 markets around the globe. Gunnebo has grown by virtue of acquisitions over the last 15 years, acquiring around 40 companies. Our focus has been consolidation and expansion since past decade. We commenced operations in India in 1932 through Steelage, which was subsequently acquired in 2000. The latest addition to the group being Hamilton Safe from USA which was acquired in 2012.

In addition to multiple achievements worldwide Gunnebo has pride in having the following outstanding credits in India amongst various other achievements.

  1. Leading Supplier to almost all Banks across India
  2. Bi-Parting Entrance Gates: New Delhi and Chennai Metro Corporations, Speed Gates One India bulls Centre (One IBC)
  3. Integrated Security Solutions for a Gold Refinery, Edelweiss Precious Metals
  4. Fire Safety Products: Maruti Suzuki, Northern Coal Mines- L&T, Honda Motors and Tata Consultancy Services

Q. Could you brief us about overall business activities of Gunnebo India (tie-ups, associations, reach, network)?

Gunnebo India provides security solutions to create a safer world, we continually invest in the development of innovative security solutions and technologies. Gunnebo India caters to enterprise-wide security solutions. Our offering includes solutions for Bank Security, Entrance Security, Fire Fighting Solutions, Cash Handling and Integration of supported by a range of Security Services. Gunnebo India is headquartered in Thane with manufacturing plant at Halol, Vadodara. We have a warehouse in Bhiwandi, with 100+ Channel partners & Distributors and 1000 + Motivated employees, we have local offices in 26 Locations gives us the reach and connect to customers across India.

Q. Can you elaborate more about the product portfolio & its applications?

Gunnebo India Fire Products and Solutions division provides widest range of fire extinguishers under the oldest and most respected Minimax brand, automatic fire protection solutions, Hydrant Modules, Enclosures for fire extinguishers, SS Flexible hose and sprinklers and accessories. These solutions are designed and suitable for applications in every segment including Industrial, Commercial, Hospitality and Residential. The key brands under Gunnebo Fire Division are Minimax, GILPRO and Steelage-Minimax.

Q. Which are some of your pioneering products you have introduced in the market recently or is there any plan to launch the new products?

Technology keeps on evolving with innovations. Also it is a key driver in the security solution space. We strive to be the global leader in technologically superior solutions. Over the last 1 year through continuous investments in innovation, research and development we have introduced several new products like “Firespot” – Panel and Room Protection System, “instaproteKt” – Kitchen Hood Fire Protection System and a range of Sprinklers to mention a few. The Kitchen Hood Fire Protection System named as “instaproteKt”, is modular and controlled by a unique and SMART PLC. “instaproteKt” stands out for its unique capability of connecting multiple hoods and communicating with other building management solutions.

Q. How do you account R&D activity in your company?

We presently have a manufacturing and R&D center based out of Halol which is the single largest plant in the Gunnebo group. It is spread across 5 million sq. ft. The R&D center located at Halol plant caters to the rest of Asia and other key markets. The centralized R&D facility in Halol, focuses on innovation of existing products and development of new products. As part of our continuous improvement policy the company is investing for further upgrades in our R&D capabilities to enable us to launch innovative and customer friendly products.

Q. Brief us about the quality policy for your business?

Gunnebo Halol Factory is certified under ISO 14001 and 9001 standards. Gunnebo, India was the first company to receive the license under IS (Indian Standards): 15683 from BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). Gunnebo Halol Factory is benchmarked amongst the various factories of Gunnebo worldwide and follows the same international standards when it comes to quality, design and aesthetics for our product portfolio. Our quality policy infuses stringent quality requirements from design to manufacturing and other functions interfacing with various stakeholders in our business. Our fire extinguishers, for instance, are designed and approved as per IS: 15683-2006 which is in line with the latest internationally accepted standards applicable in all developed countries.  At our Halol plant, we have a full-fledged fire test facility where products are tested as per various governing standards. The products coming out of our facility are of impeccable quality and rugged enough to fight the hazard of fire and that’s our biggest differentiator which is attested by our client base.

Gunnebo Factory

Q. How do you foresee “India” as a potential market, what are the prospects?

While we are excited about the opportunities for organic growth in India we are also analyzing various avenues of inorganic growth. As we are moving into the SMART world, opportunities are limitless for the security and safety solutions. Today Indians are more aware of their safety and security needs. As per a recent estimate the Fire Safety Equipment Market in India is expected to cross USD 4 Billion (approx 240 Billion INR). Given the vast potential of the industry, we anticipate the sector to witness robust growth in the coming years. We are targeting new markets and new businesses with our innovative products and solutions. As the Indian economy is evolving to be amongst the top markets in the world we have prepared ourselves to be frontrunners in the field of security and safety.

Q. What are the distinguishing facts of global market as against the Indian integrated security solutions market?

It is understood that the security solutions market is expected to reach USD 370 Billion by 2022 at a CAGR above 10% between 2017 and 2022. Further the growth of the security solutions market is driven by various factors such as the necessity to protect individuals as well as property from rapidly evolving threats, consumer awareness & security concerns, willingness to pay and adoption of IoT-based security systems. The rate of growth would be higher for the Indian market compared to global growth rates due to more opportunities with SMART cities and public infrastructure improvements in large scale in the near future.

Q. What are your strategies to improve Gunnebo India’s position in Indian & global market as well?

We believe that the most important contributor for the business growth is our customers. Our strategies are developed around our customer, understanding their ever-changing needs and the rapidly raising level of customer delight. Consistently improving our quality standards and ensuring proper support through our channels and offices across India we stand out from the competition. We are working towards partnering with more and more companies who are in the high risk segment and value the need for a reliable solution to their fire and security needs.

Q. According to you what are the factors affecting to your business?

In most countries investments in Fire and Safety preparedness is primarily driven by statutory norms and their enforcement. However the willingness to spend depends on the awareness amongst public on importance of investing in a reliable system rather than investing only for compliance being the concerning factor. The increasing price of raw material of which steel is a major component as well as the latest technology trends affects day to day business.

Q. What are the key technological trends that are driving the integrated security solutions industry?

Sustainability challenges are driving fundamental economic changes to provide solutions which are green and does not affect the environment. Technological trends are towards leveraging on renewable resources and innovations to integrate multiple systems on a single platform. Building energy efficiency and ability to protect lives and property from the ever evolving security threats are some of the focus areas in today’s world.

Q. What is your vision for Gunnebo India?

Our vision is “To be the leading provider of security solutions, for a safer future”. At Gunnebo, it is our endeavor to safeguard your valuables and ensure your safety at all times. We remain committed to secure India and make it safer for generations to come.

Q. What are the issues you need to address that are related to your industry.

The two critical issues concerning the fire security industry today are low awareness of adequate security measures and lack of understanding of standardization norms to gauge spurious or inferior products from the quality products. At Gunnebo, we are actively educating customers on the importance of correct fire safety measures and products meeting requisite compliance requirements. For the same, we have identified a number of thrust areas for fire products. One such thing is training and creation of awareness as well as dialogue with colleges and universities to include fire safety in their curriculum.



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