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Video Streaming TechnologyA new product introduced recently in India is changing the way the video streaming was done till now. Earlier we would see a sea of vehicles with dish antenna mounted on them with small sized generators and two to six technicians at hand to prepare a platform to record an incident at a particular spot be it a house of politician or scene of happening. Such scenes were also common in pictures like “Peepli Live” wherein dish mounted vehicles with crew would reach a spot of hot activity in a small distant village. This all is going to change now.
AVIWEST has come out with technology wherein portable easy to handle and compact gadgets loaded with features beyond comprehensions. AVIWEST has come out with three different models for different type of professional usages, be it commercial broadcasting channels, security forces, amateurs or photographers.

World class live video solutions
Leveraging expertise in video and wireless networks, AVIWEST developed the world’s most advanced DMNG (Digital Mobile News Gathering) System. The DMNG system is currently being used by leading broadcasters in more than 80 countries to cover breaking news and live events in real time.

AVIWEST’s DMNG system enables broadcasters and video professionals to affordably capture and broadcast live HD video from anywhere in the world. The flexible system utilizes multiple networks, including 3G/4G cellular wireless networks, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and satellite, and a full range of mobile devices, from tablets and smartphones to the patented industry – leading DMNG PRO180 transmitter.

Most sought after model
Featuring 8 cellular connections (eight 3G/4G internal modems with an internal high – efficiency custom antenna array), a built-in Wi-Fi modem, and two best in-class H.264 video encoders, the PRO180-RA can be used to stream live HD video down to the receiver with minimal delay, which allows broadcasters to produce seamless live interviews.
Robust signal transmission enables live broadcasts anywhere in the world: In addition to the internal custom antennas, the PRO180-RA has eight MCX antenna connectors on its front panel. These can be used to support two AVIWEST QUAD wideband external cellular antenna arrays to strengthen signal transmission in critical environments such as live from vehicles on the move. Compact, lightweight, and portable design is perfect for in the field use: Weighing about 1 kg, the portable PRO180-RA can be easily connected to any professional camera (e.g., SD/HD SDI, analog [BNC] and HDMI) and mounted via V-Mount, Gold Mount, or PAG plates. By providing broadcasters with a video uplink system that is easy to transport, the PRO speeds up news gatherings operations.)

Simple use and control enables rapid newsgathering: The PRO is designed to automatically detect real-time network capabilities. Through a user -friendly and intuitive touch-screen interface, the PRO allows any on-the-go media professional to easily configure and operate this system as well as communicate with the studio through the IFBreturn channel. The units can also be controlled by the receiver (Stream hub), the management System (Manager), the Remote smart phone application or any device connected to the unit though the network.

A new product for security forces has come to India
Earlier only the TV channels were privy to live breaking news or other live streaming of programs but now the security forces of Central Government and State Governments can use this technology and improve their capability of handling law & order situations in their respective area of coverage/states.

The dependability of intelligence and security services on media/TV channels shall diminish once they have their own live video streaming arrangements. As composed to the existing system of live Video Streaming by TV channels the cost of new system by this company are merely a fraction of existing systems.

Another feature of this AVIWEST system is that it can send videos or record & send videos directly to consumer without involving any third party as compared to the previous/existing systems which worked through a server of the third party deployed in a third/other Country. Through this the video recorded by TV Channel go to the server located in a third country and then sent to the TV channels. Therefore all the streamed data can be used/mis-used in the third country and the chances of its leakage could be pretty high whereas in this system the videos are sent directly to the server owned by the company or say the security force where it is 100% secure from their point of view. It therefore is a very safe system for them.

Adopting new technologies can definitely save time and money but also increase their depenedability.

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Mr S.K Thakral, member of FSAI & APDI
Mr S.K Thakral, member of FSAI & APDI

Satinder Kumar Thakral is an accomplished Security professional with 38 years of Govt. Service in the Ministry of Home Affairs and 7 years in the private security Sector. For the last one year he is working with Law Abiding Technology, New Delhi. The Law Abiding Technology is a pioneer in providing best covert surveillance solutions to various security agencies.



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