Safety as a business


Safety as a business

Certified tec.nicum employees assess the safety of your machines.

In operational practice for production companies, machines and plants are often converted, modernised and expanded over the years. A professional assessment then needs to be carried out to determine whether the machines still comply with the latest guidelines and regulations. Companies also often aim to introduce company-specific group standards in machine safety which are to be applied to all production sites around the world. A safety technology audit of the machinery installed is also useful in these cases. An example: A globally active phar-maceuticals and consumer goods company has taken over an international company. After the merger, conformity with safety-related requirements is to be examined. The safety assessment commissioned from the solution consultants, who are mainly certified as Functional Safety Engineers by TÜV Rheinland, covered over 2000 machines across various sites in Europe. In another case, an automotive supplier commissioned the solution consultants with a regular inspection of 450 safety light curtains & light grids in its production company. According to the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health and TRBS 1203, these opto-electronic safety devices need to be inspected on a regular basis.

Safety Services from tec.nicum
These examples show that Schmersal has already been providing a portfolio of services for some time. In recent years, demand for these safety-related services has increased steadily. This is why the company restruc-tured its services as of 1 January 2016, at the same time expanding them and transfer-ring them to a new company division. The new, independent tec.nicum umbrella brand underlines the company’s aim of providing consultancy services on a product and man-ufacturer-neutral basis. It was also an im-portant aim of the new division to establish a consistent global quality standard. Given that circumstances vary across different countries and regions, the company aims to provide the same level of expert support to custom-ers in Asia, the USA and other countries.

A modular portfolio of services
One of the benefits to international custom – ers of the tec.nicum portfolio of services is its modular structure. It incorporates four pillars: knowledge communication (academy), consultancy services (consulting), technical planning (engineering) and execution (inte-gration). Each of these four service elements can be commissioned by the customer separately as required. In the consulting sector, the company offers risk assessments or production audits, analyses the results, gives specific advice and documents the whole process. Implementation is down to the customer. The customer also receives the complete package, from the initial consultation through the planning of safety technology solutions to the turnkey commis-sioning and handover of the standard-compli-ant production unit, including the necessary technical documentation.

System and solution provider
For machine constructors and users, there is an increasing demand for complete safety technology solutions to guarantee protection of people and equipment, even for highly complex production systems. As a system and solution provider, Schmersal therefore develops integrated concepts to guarantee the best possible results, even from a finan-cial perspective. It is worthwhile to consider the development of the appropriate safety technology solution even in the start phase of designing new systems.

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