Security systems have been mandated for installations

T. S. Raghuram, Director,  S4 Technology
T. S. Raghuram, Director, S4 Technology

Q. In your opinion, what is the state of security industry in India and what is the trend you see in the space?

Security System Integration is poised for a fantastic growth especially in the new-age security market. Like in your computers and networking markets earlier, you could find the big names in the systems manufacturing and OEMs on cameras, fire detection, access control, alarm systems and other special devices and at the other end, you could find the fragmented dealers, traders, and computer sellers adding these as new lines of products into their assembly of business.

More than the essential products, today security systems have been mandated for installations in Government Departments, Corporate Companies, residential complex, individual bungalows, hospitals, transportation, educational institutions, and in public stations. In the last decade, there has been a considerable growth and especially in the last couple of years, there is a booming demand creating a new business model and market share for the security products. This has also given a sigh of relief to small traders who are into computer system integration by way of sudden avenues for revenue along with additional products range. I need to tell you this specifically when the margins from computer market now have controlling influences.

There is a growing market size for the security system verticals. I would feel the present mandatory trend acts as the growth drivers for this market and this would lead to potential and advanced security solutions in our country. I happen to read a record of 26% growth in between 2010 and 2015 and it may be doubled by 2020.

By and large, this is a fast growing market currently.

Q. Which market are you targeting?

I am in the category of IT-SME. My approach would always be towards the growing sector along with my primary IT Infrastructure Solutions. Electronic Security market has imbibed the effect of IT infrastructure installations and therefore, it would be an additional business line with a new baton in hand.

Q. What are the various security related products that you offer?

We handle various security products like IP based Video Surveillance cameras, Fire alarms, Door access controls, Network management switches, Video Door phones, Digital Door locks, Etc….)

Q. What is the advantage of Matrix products vis-à-vis the competition?

Matrix is a SUBSTANCE brand. Substance is in the DNA of Matrix solutions. Substance in the form of technology, depth, genuineness and going beyond the mere outer façade and offer more values in all the areas. This is what differentiates Matrix from the lot. Matrix solutions are packed with ‘More’. More productivity, more applications, more flexibility, more functions, more features, more cost saving, more reliability and more support. Matrix positioning is based on offering more of these true inherent values, which customers expect from infrastructure solutions.

Q. What is your marketing and channel strategy? What kind of plans and expectations do you have for this segment this year?

Our existing customers are my primary aim, as most of them have created the new request on our services for these new product lines. As I mentioned, the awareness of security products have given an alarming rise in the last few years. So, it’s my turn to provide solutions from their home security to their workplace security. Links through customers are the major advantages and that has created the new avenues of business. From the beginning, our strategy is to ‘prove it on quality service’ and that is begetting new businesses for us.

At the same time, we need to formulate a strategy with a new approach by next year after meeting our demands in the forthcoming months.

Q. What are the challenges that you are currently facing in India?

As a SME system integrator, we can handle all types of technical challenges. However, the installations of security cameras in remote areas, especially in forests and in some of the high-raised buildings or towers could always alert us on our safety. Those are occupational perils, but they can be managed with the perfect process.

Like we all SMEs say, the ‘credit facility’ and ‘the delay in payments’ will always pose challenges and at times, turn out to be threats. Otherwise, the challenges are only technical strategies and budget planning.

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