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Mr. Sanjeev Sehgal, Managing Director, Sparsh
Mr. Sanjeev Sehgal, Managing Director, Sparsh

Q. How does Sparsh equate with the current Make in India initiatives?

Sparsh is working aggressively towards fulfilling Made in India mission by creating Indian Intellectual Property.

Sparsh is pioneer and leader in manufacturing Electronic Video Surveillance products in India with product presence in more than 10 countries, presence in more than 150 cities in India, channel strength of more than 2000 and manufacturing over 100K security products per month.

Sparsh has revolutionized the Indian security market by being India’s first company to manufacture CCTV cameras in India in 2007 and in just span of seven years Sparsh is today the pioneer and leader in the security industry having global footprints. Our focus on indigenous designing and manufacture of technologically advanced electronic security devices has put India on the global map for designing and manufacturing high quality and technologically advanced electronic security products. In short “Sparsh strives to have Global Footprint for ‘Made in India’ products”.

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Q. Which are the products launched by Sparsh inline with latest technology trends in the market?

Sparsh has introduced Automatic Number Plate Recognition(ANPR) solution which finds application in Red Light Enforcement, Toll Collection plazas, Traffic monitoring. ANPR cameras can read and detect license plates automatically of vehicles with speed up to 80km/hr.

Face Recognition System(FRS) has become integral part of Video Surveillance at Hotels, Malls, Railway Stations and Airports. Sparsh has highly optimized FRS solution and is offering various variants to suit customer requirement and budget. Sparsh is being able to provide results better than leading brands in this domain at highly competitive prices, in some cases as low as 50% of international solutions.

Other solutions introduced include Event camera for surveillance anywhere & anytime. It uses 2G/3G network to send video stream to remote location with a battery backup up to 8 hrs.

Our I-MAS solution is also a unique solution which integrated CCTV and analog PA system thus giving multi-client access and faster response to events. It finds application is schools, colleges, hospitals, traffic junctions, railways, etc.
Our Enterprise Smart series IP cameras are a big hit in the enterprise space with features like triple stream, 120dB WDR, bi-directional audio, edge storage, auto sync, smart bit rate control, QoS, Heart Beat Keep Alive.

We would soon be launching Enterprise cameras with edge based video analytics, home based surveillance and security products.

Q. Can you elaborate more about the IP based surveillance product portfolio & its applications?

Indian video surveillance market in India is growing almost at double what the world market is growing at and we would continue to see this fast growth. CCTV globally is an organized and technologically advance industry, because of the past social and politically charged global atmosphere IP based Video Surveillance has gain prominence much before India realized. Technologically India is now at par with their global counterparts and now we could witness lot of global launches and see Indian market being used as testing ground for new products by many global MNCs.
As number of cameras per installation are increasing and it is practically impossible to monitor all of them live so Video Surveillance system needs to be more intelligent. Sparsh has understood the requirement and introduced solutions specific to verticals.

Sparsh has introduced i-MAS (Intelligent Monitoring and Announcement System), a unique combination of IP Cameras and PA system for Schools, Malls, Hospitals, Metro Stations and places where Video Surveillance and public announcement is required at same time.

Other vertical specific solutions include:

  • Camera with in-built 3G/4G/ LTE, GPS, Wi-Fi, SD Card recording for public transport
  • 2 Camera Solution with above features along with RF ID integration and edge analytics for School Transport application
  • Solar Cameras with 3G/4G/LTE, SD Card recording, Hotspot and health monitoring for standalone application

With in-house capabilities of Hardware, Software, Mobile app and cloud application, recently Sparsh has successfully completed the dream pilot project for Delhi Government for “Teacher Quality Education System” comprising of Cameras with audio recording, PA system and RF ID integration

Q. What are the prospects for wireless cameras in India ? How do Sparsh is fulfilling this demand?

The wireless cameras are getting popular in Home segment where customer has to use cameras indoor and it is not possible to do wiring. With people getting more concerned about their children and senior security even from their servants.

Sparsh has recently introduced a new series of IOT Cameras for fulfilling these requirements.

Q. IOT being the buzzword currently, how does your products catering this technology transformation?

The Internet of Things or IOT is about the convergence of applications to deliver performance improvements and information to make intelligent decisions.

We have bunch or products which we would soon be launching under our IOT range of products like personal tracker, smart home camera, etc. We have recently completed a unique project for teacher and child monitoring for Delhi schools which was highly appreciated by customer and thus helping us establish our position as a true solution provider in the highly fragmented Indian surveillance market, as part of IoT.

Q. How do you foresee the future of CCTv surveillance business?

We as an OEM brand foresee a lot of opportunities in the domestic market with lot of focus coming on “Make in India” and “Make for India” with schemes like Preferential Market Access (PMA) providing a leveling field for Indian manufacturers. Fast adoption of standardization in electronic products would also help the growth of the organized market.

The need for security in almost every walk of life is driving the demand for CCTV cameras thus providing attractive business opportunity for multi-nationals, local companies and traders. Based on various estimates, global CCTV market is still growing at double digit rates and Indian market is growing more than double the global growth rate.

Q. What are the strategies adopted by Sparsh to explore security product demand in home & commercial segment?

Sparsh has recently joined hands with Logix ITS, Canada for Speed Radars signs with camera.

We also have started our new campaign “Bharat Ka Apna CCTV Brand “. This along with the other Make in India initiatives will surely bring more customer trust for Indian brands like us thus further strengthen Sparsh’s market position as the largest Indian CCTV camera manufacturing brand for both home and commercial purposes.

We also have implemented a single project worth 13cr of Food Corporation of India, and Smart Home solution will be another area we would be targeting for growth. In near future we have plans to launch many new products in this space.

Q. Please comment on the channel distribution network of Sparsh to reach its brand in every corner of industry?

Sparsh now with complete portfolio of Video Surveillance and IOT products is in process of expanding their wings all around the country by appointing C&F agents, Distributors, Dealers and System Integrators all across India.To achieve this Sparsh has recently appointed Autocop, a leading distributor for Electronic Security Equipment as their National distributor for taking Sparsh brand across India with their partners.

Q. Do you have any training programmes or educational approach for system integrators & channel partners?

Security industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India, thus skilled manpower is a challenge couples with customer un awareness makes a much bigger challenge to address. Hence training and standards becomes much more important in such scenarios and industries. The solutions usually are involving multiple systems thus system integrators should be properly trained to provide the best solution to varied customer needs.

Sparsh addresses this through its training programs like Tekniksha which it provides in different parts of India thus enabling system integrators to effectively and rightly use the products and give best solutions to its customers.

Q. What is your vision for your company for forthcoming years?

Sparsh’s vision is to be a globally respected corporation providing state-of-art Security solutions for Secure and Greener World. Sparsh is working aggressively towards fulfilling “Zero Defect, Zero Effect” mission. Zero defect means that the products would have zero fault and Zero effect means that the products would not be harmful to the environment.

In the forthcoming years, we would like to take the idea of “made in india” and “make in india” to a global platform as a leading cctv manufacturer of India. Sparsh as a brand will target Government, Safe City, Smart City and SMB market and which is the large and sizable business opportunity for us. In the Union Budget, there were many provisions for “Make in India”. We are benefited by such initiatives as an indigenous Indian manufacturing company and brand.

Smart Home solution will be another area we would be targeting for growth. In near future we have plans to launch many new products in this space.

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