Surveillance is an integral part of the well-established data connectivity

V A Krishnan, Director, OST Electronics Pvt. Ltd., Chandigarh
V A Krishnan, Director, OST Electronics Pvt. Ltd., Chandigarh

Q. In your opinion, what is the state of security industry in India and what is the trend you see in the space?

This industry in particular is evolving rapidly, fueled by global security threats and technological advancements. In fact, surveillance as physical security is no more considered to be a collection of cosmetic hardware and software connected to network. Instead it’s now a specialized offering– remote and professional hosting along with monitoring of video transmitted from the client’s premise.

As security concerns continue to escalate, government and private entities are expected to increase spending to improve all aspects of their security programs.

Q. Which market are you targeting?

Keeping in view the market size and future growth scope of the security solutions market based on type, end-use industry and our region, most of these Commercial, Residential, Government, Transportation, Retail, Banking and finance, Education, Industrial, Energy and Utility, Sports and Leisure and Healthcare can be our potential targets for offering products and services.

Q. What are the various security related products that you offer?

OST offers a range of security products- Video Surveillance, Biometric Access Control, Analog, Digital, PRI, Hybrid and IP based Voice Logging solutions, CDR Analysis Tool and Two Factor Authentication solutions along with the best of world-class professional services for its customers.

Q. What is the advantage of Matrix products vis-à-vis the competition?

Matrix is a SUBSTANCE brand. Substance is in the DNA of Matrix solutions. Substance in the form of technology, depth, genuineness and going beyond the mere outer façade and offer more values in all the areas. This is what differentiates Matrix from the lot. Matrix solutions are packed with ‘More’. More productivity, more applications, more flexibility, more functions, more features, more cost saving, more reliability and more support. Matrix positioning is based on offering more of these true inherent values, which customers expect from infrastructure solutions.

Q. What is your marketing and channel strategy?

OST is a focused value added distribution and integration company with its main goal to achieve resellers’ and customers’ satisfaction.  Our innovative and straight talk-to-relationship for meeting with the partners’ as well as customers’ need is the reason for OST’s more than two decades of successful business engagement.  OST is a consciously keen contributor towards its partners’ and end-users’ profitability in their investments with regards to time, dedication and money.

Q. What is your support strategy?

OST not only adds value to reseller and system integration partners through our consistent offering of comprehensive back-up services and support for their customers, our pre-sales and technical team helps in evaluating customer needs before recommending a precise solution.  In our direct-to-government initiatives, OST for years has an excellent track record in client satisfaction and repeat engagements for their professional IT infrastructure needs.

Q. What are the challenges that you are currently facing in India?

Surveillance and security needs of the end-users were until recently engulfed with problems of being catered to by a large segment of unstructured supplies and solutions.  Now, with the need being on the indispensable pedestal due to threats, the customers would find enough resolve to see purpose and intent to seek solutions from companies of repute and wisdom in the sector.

Q. What kind of plans and expectations do you have for this segment this year?

Now that surveillance is largely becoming an integral part of the well-established data connectivity in major industries and institutions across the region, we propose to broad-base our customer engagements with increased marketing activity to enable us offer them solutions first-hand.  We should also be more agile with regards to plan and prepare for end-user and partner meet, technical sessions and tele-marketing support.  This way, we would expect to achieve a fair market presence amongst our own infrastructure space in the region in addition to new scope of business engagements.


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