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Gurpreet Singh, Partner, United Manufacturing Co.
Gurpreet Singh, Partner, United Manufacturing Co.

Q. “United Manufacturing Co.” has a history of creating history what are new achievements?

We always strive to serve the with best our capabilities. We have recently delivered state of art technology fire tender as per customised requirements of authorities. Recently we have executed orders of HPCL, IOCL, Baroda, IOCL- Mathura, IOCL- Telangana, and we have supplied to defence as well.

Q. Euro chassis has been introduced in fire tender chassis, what do you think?

Euro – 4 is environment friendly technology brought to cut down pollution. We certainly would like to implement the technology in fire tender section. But as per my point of view available technology is not been customised for the requirements of fire tenders. There are some technological constraints and there is scope of improvement to blend it with our needs.

Q. international certifications for the fire industry have become norm, what is your take on that?

There are UL, LPCB, & FM certifications are being demanded by customers. They are of course standard bodies who have contributed significantly for assuring quality.

What I believe is that all these certifications are more tested under European and American conditions.

We have our certification BIS which is strictly for India. We need to work on the same and make mandatory only BIS. This will also help to boost our economy. The money being spent in USD to acquire these certifications will remain in our country and people will be spending money to our standard and which will result in further improvement of our standard and economy.

Q. What strategy should be implemented to improve quality procurement of fire, safety and rescue equipments?

India is price conscious market as we know. But fire, safety and rescue equipments are life saving products and hence procurement procedure should be more on quality & innovation friendly than price.
A quality product may compel you to shell out few more bucks but at the end it serves the purpose.

Q. After so much of time rolling out “Make in India” program how do see it working?

It is worth appreciating effort by the Indian government. Every Indian manufacturer has appreciated the program as a concept.

But still we are dependent on imported technologies and products. That dependency has to be brought down. Indian manufacturers have capacity and capability to produce international standard products and technology provided conducive environment and encouragement is generated with policies.

Government has started encouraging Indian products but it will take some time to show results on the ground.

Q. Don’t you think imported products are good in quality and easily available now a days in India?

Indian products are also up to the mark and matching international standards. This can be established with the fact that so many Indian companies have acquired international certifications and you can get the certification once you are producing that quality.

Imported products have constraint of after sales and to import product you need time which may bring delay in project and thus raising the cost of entire project.

Q. Your message to the readers?

Do not compromise quality over price. These are life saving products and life is too costly to waste to save few dimes.

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