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Gurpreet Singh, Managing Partner, United Manufacturing Company
Gurpreet Singh, Managing Partner, United Manufacturing Company

Q. “United Manufacturing Co., (UMC)” is in the business of fire and is on prominent position today. What other innovative products you have in pipeline to launch in the market?

Innovation has been the philosophy of “United Manufacturing Co., (UMC)” since its inception. But most of the orders are specification based therefore we go by that but we always present innovative solutions to the buyers which are cost incentive with optimum output. Most of them are being appreciated by technocrats and we get chance to serve better.

Q. What are your plans for the international market?

We have been exporting to Africa, Bhutan, Nepal etc. We have plans for expansion in the international market but it is too early to discuss about them. Let the time come we shall reveal about it.

Q. How demonetisation has impacted fire business?

Good initiative by the government to discourage black marketers. We have been impacted with zero effect.

Q. What impact of GST you see on fire, safety & rescue business?

Fire, safety & rescue are not fashion or luxury business. It is a necessity to safeguard life & property. Prior to GST it was zero taxation but under GST it is 28%. Which in turn going to put lot of pressure to end users and chances are slim to encourage fire safety practices.

We have raised our concerns for the matter to the authorities.

Q. How “Make in India” program has impacted the industry?

It is too early to say or comment. Any policy implementation requires some time to fetch results. We are hoping that something good will turn up.

Q. What is your suggestion to the second generation which is taking lead now in the business?

Our generation has done our part to grow the business as a whole. Now responsibility to take this forward is on the shoulders of new generation.

They should try to attain technological development in such a way so that our industry should be taken as reference point for quality and state of art internationally.

Q. There are many policies implementation by the government. What economic scenario do you perceive for fire, safety and rescue industry?

Policies should be in sync with specific requirement of the industry. I think more close policies should be made to encourage an environment for quality & innovative product to be manufactured in India to reduce the dependence from outsourcing.

Q. Still after so many years of dependence & economic reforms, if we see most of fire and rescue equipments are imported. Why can’t they be manufactured in India?

We have to create conducive environment for that. Indian manufacturers should be given preference in buying process by the government & this is how technically developed markets evolved & reached to this level they are today in their quality and innovation. I hope our government would implement such policies where we can be given the chance to prove our skill and craftsmanship.

Q. Would you like to give any message to our readers?

I always say, Fire, Safety & Rescue equipments are life saving. Life is too precious to risk on cheap products.

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